Make Your Own Bird Food

Today is , have you fed your birds today?


Sure you can buy wild bird food, but there are hundreds of family handed-down homemade bird food recipes you can easily make on your own.

Many of these bird food recipes include ingredients you likely have laying around the house.

Most birds will eat many things.
The recipes listed for each bird are some of their preferred food selections.

The information within this web site is free for your use.  Enjoy!


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Indigo Bunting   Listen to the song of the Indigo Bunting  Where do I live?

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(small Grass and Weed seeds)

Great project for 4 year old or older - with supervision

Complexity - Easy

Time to Complete -  10-20 minutes to collect seeds

Main Ingredient - small Grass and Weed seeds

Needed - Just the Seeds!

While these elusive birds will eat many things, they prefer insects during the summer months, and take to small seeds and grains prior to their winter migration.

Here's one feeding trick we have found to work. During the summer months, collect seeds from nearby fields, then save them in a cool dry place in a brown grocery sack until late fall. Spread the seeds down on the ground around your feeders, and you might atrract these beautiful birds a bit longer before they head south. You can walk through a nearby field and collect seeds by grabbing the stalk of the grass or plant and running your cupped hand upward. You'll have a handful of seeds with very little effort.  Great activity for little kids!

An interesting fact about the Indigo Bunting: These attractive birds have NO blue pigment! They are actually BLACK. The diffraction of light through the structure of their feathers makes them appear brilliant blue.

Enjoy the Indigo Bunting!

Other Indigo Bunting Facts:

Make Your Own Bird Food