Make Your Own Bird Food

Today is , have you fed your birds today?


Sure you can buy wild bird food, but there are hundreds of family handed-down homemade bird food recipes you can easily make on your own.

Many of these bird food recipes include ingredients you likely have laying around the house.

Most birds will eat many things.
The recipes listed for each bird are some of their preferred food selections.

The information within this web site is free for your use.  Enjoy!


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Downy Woodpecker    listen to my voice   Where do I live?

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(Peanut Butter)

Great project for 5 year old or older - with supervision

Complexity - Medium

Time to Complete -  1 hour

Main Ingredient - Peanut Butter

Needed - Tree Branch, preferably Birch, about 18 inches long and 4 inches in diameter

            - 12 inches of wire to hang the feeder

All woodpeckers, and many other birds as well, enjoy peanut butter, especially on those cold winter days. Peanut butter is a great energy food for these birds. The Downy Woodpecker especially takes to a feeder which serves up peanut butter. The steps below illustrate how to build one of our favorite homemade feeders.

Step 1 - Cut and drill the feeder as illustrated below. Nearly any species of tree will work, but birch looks great, especially in the winter snow. It also allows you to easily see the beautiful red markings on the downy woodpecker. Cut the top at a slight angle which will cause snow and water to run off easier, extending the life of the feeder.

Step 2 - A word of advice here, coming from experience. The wood will dry out and crack. Most feeders should last 2 to 3 years. Because it dries out, we have learned that putting a wire through the branch to hang it is better than just putting an eye screw or nail in the top of the branch. We have had many fall since the screw or nail will eventually work itself loose. The wire through the branch method works great.

Step 3 - Filling the feeder is easy. Just spoon some peanut butter into the holes, filling them completely. You can also mix in some seeds, sunflowers or fruit into the peanut butter making a great additional treat.

Other Downy Woodpecker Facts:

Make Your Own Bird Food