Make Your Own Bird Food

Today is , have you fed your birds today?

Sure you can buy wild bird food, but there are hundreds of family
handed-down homemade bird food recipes you can easily make
on your own, and we'll show you how.

Many of these homemade bird food recipes include ingredients you
likely have laying around the house.

Most backyard birds will eat many things.
The recipes listed for each bird are some of their preferred food selections.

The information within this web site is free for your use. Enjoy!

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Plow & Hearth

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How to make Easy Suet!
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Make Your Own Bird - Day Cake!

Make Your Own Carrot Hummingbird Bath!

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Make Your Selection

Our Recipe Of The Month!!
Our robins are back. Treat them to some early season fruit.
Berries or Cherries!

Our most popular recipes:
How to make Hummingbird Food
How to make Homemade Suet - Traditional
How to make Homemade Suet - Easy

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   Learn more about your State Bird, including it's prefered food, habitat, migration patterns and even HEAR IT'S SONG!                                  Print out bird coloring pages for the kids!
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Birdhouses You Can Build in a Day Book
Build a fine home for your feathered friends with more than 50 great projects! Birds of all feathers will be flocking to your backyard to live in these beautiful houses.


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Make Your Own Bird Food